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If you are passionate about wildlife and want to see, photograph and learn about the animals, birds and all creatures from large to small in their natural habitat, you have arrived at the right place for an unforgettable all encompassing African wildlife safari to Botswana, Zimbabwe, or Namibia.  Enjoy the wonders, mysteries, fun, excitement and adventure of the bush, personally guided by Gavin Blair, one of Africa's most reputable guides with over twenty seven years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Read past newsletters to get a hint of what to expect, then browse the photo gallery to further wet your appetite for an African safari, then search through the safari destinations to stir the adventurous spirit within you.  Finally check our availability dates and then contact Marjorie for the planning of an unforgettable wildlife safari with Gavin Blair Safaris.  If still not convinced please read a selection of our guests testimonials, many of whom return to safari with us year after year.

Adventures Through Africa

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Welcome to Gavin Blair Safaris

Gavin Blair Safaris began operating in 1992 with the aim of providing exclusive and personalised photographic wildlife safaris for people with a deep-rooted interest and love of wildlife and nature.  Gavin has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise during the past 27 years, leading safaris in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania.  This, along with his natural affinity to people and his willingness to share his vast knowledge in a clear and easily understood manner, has ensured that over the years all Gavin Blair Safaris guests leave with favourable lasting memories, as well as a greater understanding and appreciation for all aspects of nature.  Why else would so many people return to travel with Gavin Blair Safaris again and again !

As wonderful as nature is, it could never be fully appreciated and enjoyed to its fullest unless all the experiences, beauty and wonders could be shared.  The fulfilment of Gavin's dreams came when he teamed up with Marjorie in early 1993.  In June 1996 they married at a water-hole surrounded by nature and witnessed by elephants.

Gavin and Marjorie are both natural in the ways of the wild.  As a team they created Gavin Blair Safaris as it is today, making for a truly personalised African experience.  Gavin is a very highly respected guide, and is well renowned within the safari community of Southern Africa.  Gavin has an inexhaustible supply of knowledge and a very genuine enthusiasm and passion for his work.  Marjorie's obvious love of the wildlife has made her as proficient as one born to the bush, and her efficient administrative and logistical skills, as well as her meticulous attention to detail in planning each trip, ensures that every safari runs smoothly and flawlessly.  The sum of the above is that Gavin Blair Safaris has the right combination of knowledge, experience, style and standards to ensure that your African safari will be memorable for a lifetime.

A Brief History

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